Host a Drive

HOst a drive

Host a Drive:

Schools, businesses, individuals, everyone is welcome to host a drive benefiting the children and families we help. If you would like to host a drive, please contact our Community Outreach Director, Monica Graffius, at . Choose a drive option you feel meets your charitable goals and we will provide you with donation boxes, brochures, marketing materials and all the support you will need to have a successful drive.

Sunshine Pack Drive: A Sunshine Pack is a backpack that every child we assist receives. It is filled with items of their liking that are hospital-friendly. Depending on the age and gender of the child, Sunshine Pack items vary. Most packs are filled with, but are not limited to, arts and crafts, books, journals, games, a blanket, headphones, make-up, gift cards, a water bottle and other enjoyable small goods. If you would like to host a Sunshine Pack drive please contact us and we will be happy to provide you with more information and marketing materials.

Needs-Drive: If you would like to host a drive for one particular item, contact us! We will provide you with the item we are in most need of for our families and kids (backpacks, journals, board games, blankets, etc).

Coin Drive: Pennies, nickles, quarters, dimes; collect change for a good cause! Contact us if you would like help launching your coin-drive or let us know if you need to schedule a pick-up for change you’ve already raised! No matter the quantity, it all helps us fulfill our mission in providing support to families battling childhood cancer.

Custom - Drive: Have an idea in mind for a drive you’d like to host? Let us know! We are open to supporting new and creative ideas that will benefit our families. We are happy to work with your needs and provide the support your drive needs.